Matrix Networks Pte Ltd

Matrix Cable System (MCS) is a neutral international sub-sea fiber optic cable carrier. Its service scope spans from Jakarta to Singapore, carrying high speed, high capacity and non-stop superior quality connectivity. MCS is jointly owned by two different companies, PT. NAP Info Lintas Nusa in Indonesia and Matrix Networks Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Each legal entity holds necessary licenses and permits to operate in its respective jurisdiction.

PT. NAP Info Lintas Nusa

Established in 2000, NAP Info is the first neutral and independent network access provider in Indonesia. By 2007, NAP Info had acquired all necessary licenses to build and operate sub-sea international cable

  • Own the Indonesian portion of the Cable System
  • MCS Cable in Indonesia Territorial Waters
  • MCS Jakarta & Batam Cable Landing Stations
  • MCS Jakarta & Batam Beach Manholes
  • MCS Jakarta & Batam Terrestrial Local Loops

  • Matrix Cable System Overview

    • Matrix Cable System (MCS) spans 1055km from Singapore to Jakarta, with one active branch in Batam.
    • It provides high grade bandwidth connectivity between major data centers/internet exchanges in Singapore and Jakarta.
    • Armoring and burial to provide reliability as most of this route is through shallow water.
    • Single and Double Armored cable is utilized extensively on high risk areas, while lightweight armored cable is used on the remaining segments
    • Technically our cable is going to be the best available, as all repeaters, branching units and wet plant equipment are supplied by Tyco – arguably the best vendor in the world
    • Between Singapore and Jakarta we have 60Gbps lit capacity and 2.5Tbps maximum design capacity.
    • Two additional Branching Units provide the ability to extend the network to Perth/Australia and to other existing cable or SE Asian destinations.