Celebrating The Lunar New Year: Gift Exchange 2016

Friday, January 27, 2017 - In order to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2017, PT. Nap Info Lintas Nusa organizes an internal event called Gift Exhange. Moment exchange gifts followed by employees and management of PT. Nap Info Lintas Nusa located at Kadin Tower on 7th floor. The prize requirement that must be brought by the participant is a minimum prize of fifty thousand rupiah, a gift that can be used by men and women, and the gift should not be food.

All the participants brought gifts wrapped in newsprint without knowing who would receive it. During the event, gifts have been given their respective numbers. Draw numbers are randomly generated, and participants pick up the lucky draw numbers. After that, participants take the prize according to the number they get and without knowing who gave it.

Moment exchange this gift can be an activity that can enliven the party, togetherness and can create a close relationship between employees and management of PT. Nap Info Lintas Nusa.